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Advancement at Camp Olmsted

One of the major concerns of most units is Scout Advancement, and rightly so. A strong advancement program is a pillar of Scouting and sets our program apart from any other organization. The Scout Advancement program is what makes Boy Scouting unique.

Our philosophy in camp follows the National Policy guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America. Scout badges and awards are earned as a result of a Scout's personal achievement in skills and completion of requirements. The majority of the awards and merit badges we offer at camp are specifically geared to the summer camp environment. When a Scout participates in our programs, he will become eligible to receive many different types of awards.

The Scout Leader in camp can have a profound effect on the advancement efforts of every Scout in the Troop. When the leader creates the proper atmosphere of Scouting, the Scouts will want to achieve the goals they've set for themselves. Emphasis should be placed on the excellence it takes to achieve the necessary skills rather than on the number of badges received. No one really wants a boy to receive a badge for which he is not truly qualified. We want every boy to be recognized and we want that recognition to truly reflect a job well done.


When the advancement of individual Scouts is carefully planned with the counseling of the Unit Leader, the Scout is not only able to meet his objectives in camp, but he also serves his unit well as a junior leader. Disappointments are avoided and achievement is more deeply appreciated because a planned program has been realized.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Scouts should have their own current copy of each Merit Badge pamphlet for the badges they're taking during summer camp. If they don't come to camp with them, they can be purchased at the Trading Post.  Scouts who have at least read the pamphlet before starting classes on Monday, learn more quickly and have less difficulty successfully completing the requirements for the Merit Badge. This allows more time for the application of skills rather than remedial training during class, and open program areas later during the day.

Merit Badge Sign-up

If any Scout registers for more that three merit badges, he may encounter scheduling conflicts and come away from camp with even less than three Merit Badges.

It is extremely difficult for an advanced Scout to complete more than three (3) Merit Badges in camp without extensive pre-camp preparation on specific requirements. Disappointment may be avoided here by realistic counseling on the part of the leader. However, all Scouts can earn at least one (1) Merit Badge during the week. Unit leaders should examine specific Merit Badge requirements with the Scout to determine which requirements can be completed before attending camp.

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