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Situated on the Allegheny Reservoir in the midst of the Allegheny National Forest, Camp Olmsted provides nearly 500 acres of natural woodlands and offers a 31 mile waterfront with water-skiing, motorboating, and sailing, in addition to the more traditional water activities of swimming, lifesaving, snorkeling, and BSA Lifeguard. Other program features include a wide array of Nature Merit Badges and activities, an excellent Handicraft lodge with opportunities to learn leatherwork, Indian crafts,woodcarving and more! The Field Sports area features archery, .22 caliber rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and trap shooting! Scoutcraft skills are a big part of the camp program. The Scoutcraft area specializes in teaching wilderness survival, camping, cooking, and pioneering skills.

Scouts attending camp for the first year will have the opportunity to participate in their own special program with other first-year Scouts. Earning your way to First Class will be the emphasis of the "Cornplanter Braves" program.

Whether this is your first year or you are a returning veteran of several seasons at Camp Olmsted, you'll find new and exciting adventure behind every tree and/or rock!

High adventure opportunities abound at Camp Olmsted! Learn to climb and rappel on the camp's climbing tower or spend a few days on the reservoir.

It's time to start planning for next summer. As Troops and Packs resume regular meetings, you'll want to tell your boys and your Scout families just how much they'll need to raise to pay for summer camp in 2016.

With inflation in mind, no increases were approved for both Boy Scout Summer Camp as well as the Cub Scout Summer Adventure. You'll be pleased to know that we're still well below most other camps in our area. We're able to keep our prices low because of our all-volunteer staffs in both camps. What a Scout pays for through his camp fee is food for the week, the cost of program supplies, camp schools for volunteers and some maintenance which is incurred through the normal course of camp.



$275 basic camp fee if paid by April 1st

$325 if Troop pays after April 1st .

$400 if Troop pays after May 1st .

AllScout merit badge request lists Must be submitted by April 1st.

Out of Council SUMMER CAMP FEES FOR 2016

$300 basic camp fee if paid by April 1st

$350 if Troop pays after April 1st .

$425 if Troop pays after May 1st .

AllScout merit badge request lists Must be submitted by April 1st.

Leader Fee: First two leaders are free, $100 per leader thereafter to cover the cost of meals. Those volunteering their time in program areas will not be charged for camp attendance.

The biggest thing that might catch your attention is the large basic camp fee. This was instituted because many of our Troops do not pay on time and most do not turn in the list of the merit badges their Scouts want to take at camp. As you can imagine, this presents us with huge administrative problems in terms of what to order for camp and how many. It's a huge frustration to the volunteer merit badge counselors at camp and we've needed to take action to address this. So, yes, the basic camp fee appears to be tremendous if paid late.. However, all a Troop needs to do is to pay by April 1st and submit a merit badge request list for all Scouts attending and they receive an automatic $125 per Scout reduction in the fee.

Please note: We will not accept any registrations after June 1st, 2016.

All - Annual Medical Form

The new Healthform can be downloaded Here. All overnight campers, staff and other volunteers staying overnight must have parts A & B and C all completed. This is a fillable pdf file to print. Information cannot be saved on this form.

Leaders - Here are the forms you will need.

2016 Basic Leader Guide (no forms)   Forms for 2016 Leader Guide  

Campership Request   Camp Refund Request  

Merit Badge Sign-up Forms   First Year Camper Sign-up Form (third page)

Scouts - Here are the forms you will need.

2016 Boy Scout Resident Camp Flyer   2016 Merit Badge Guide and Prerequisites

Campers, please note that Plumbing, and Crime Prevention Merit Badge classes have been added as a choice. As a bonus, anyone who signs up for Public Speaking will also get the Communications Merit Badge as well. Please bring two signed blue cards the first day of class. Communications is also being offered alone, if you already have Public Speaking.

For a map of Camp Olmsted; Click Here.

We want every Scout to have an opportunity to attend Camp. No Scout should ever be turned away on the basis of need.  "Camperships" are available to Scouts who demonstrate financial need. Forms may be obtained at the BSSC.
Camperships are available to all youth who demonstrate need and qualify under the following requirements:
1) The youth applicant must have helped to support their unit through a unit fund-raiser over the past year (unit confirms on form).
2) The Scout's unit must have participated in a family FOS presentation in the Spring prior to Camp.
3) The Scout's unit must have participated in the Fall or Spring popcorn sale prior to Camp.
4) The Unit must pick up part of the summer camp bill for the Scout (unit lists amount on campership form)



The purpose of all council and/or district activities is to provide not only fun and adventure for the Scout over and above the program that the local unit may provide but planned to provide a growth experience that the Scout's unit may not have the resources to provide. In preparation for all council and/or district activities, a budget is developed by the volunteer chair and the staff advisor. The budget provides the guidelines for setting a participation fee. Activities are budgeted to break even once all expenses and commitments have been honored. Often when some high adventure or national activities are planned, attendance guarantees must be made months in advance.


Council and/or District Activities (includes Cub Scout Day Camp):

All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Chief Cornplanter Council, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, at least two weeks prior to the event. All written requests must include the specific reason(s) for non-participation. Registration fees for council and/or district activities will not be returned until after the event, and may be discounted for any expenses that have been incurred and are not recoverable.

Should an event be cancelled by the event or council leadership, full refunds will be made to individual participants through the unit's "Unit Account". Requests for refunds due to post-poned or rescheduled activities or events will be handled on an individual written request basis.

Council Resident Camps:

Camping fees are not refundable, unless written notice is received in the council Service Center two (2) weeks prior to the start of the camp period. Emergency cancellations (less than two (2) weeks due to a death in the family, illness, or severe injury, etc. will be handled on a case by case review. No refund requests will be considered after the camp period has begun. Camper fees may be transferred to another Scout (camper) within the same unit.

A 25% administrative fee will be deducted from all refund requests. Refunds will not be processed until the end of the camping season. Refunds will be issued only to the individual that made the payment and whose name appears on the receipt.

High Adventure Trips and National Activities:

All requests for refunds must be in writing to the Chief Cornplanter Council, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. All written requests must include the specific reason(s) for non-participation. All requests for refunds must be received at the council Service Center at least four (4) weeks prior to the date the expedition is scheduled to depart. Refunds will not be processed until the close of the trip or activity.

With all trips and activities, the initial registration fee is not refundable. A refund of the balance of fees paid, above the registration fee, may be discounted for any expenses that have been incurred and are not recoverable and/or national fees paid.

Deposits and any fees paid by alternates on stand-by lists will be returned if space does not permit participation.

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