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Camp Olmsted's Field Sports

archery rifle shooting shotgun shooting

Field Sports Merit Badges include: Archery, Rifle shooting, and Shotgun Shooting.

The Field Sports area features archery, .22 caliber rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and trap shooting.

Archery Range


Rifle Range



** - Rifle Shooting Merit badge: The minimum number of rounds required to qualify for this merit badge is forty (40) rounds. Depending on the Scout's shooting ability, he may have to practice for some time to qualify. Every Scout in camp is entitled to fifty (50) .22 caliber rounds at no cost. After these fifty rounds are used, ammunition cards may be purchased at the Trading Post for one dollar for one hundred rounds ($1.00/100 rounds).

*** - Shot Gun Shooting Merit Badge: This badge should be encouraged for Scouts who are older and have shooting experience. To qualify, the badge requires the Scout to hit at least 24 (48 percent) out of 50 targets (two 25-target rounds). The basic minimum a Scout must shoot would be 24 rounds. At twenty-five cents (0.25) per round, a Scout should "Be Prepared" to spend a minimum of six dollars ($6.00) to qualify. Shotgun ammunition cards will be available for sale at the Trading Post for 0.25/shell. These cards are available for open shoots as well.

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