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Camp Olmsted's Health Lodge

emergency preparedness first aid

Health Lodge Merit Badges include: Emergency Preparedness, and First Aid.

Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is for the health and care of campers. A Health Officer is on duty 24 hours daily and arrangements have been made with nearby doctors and hospitals to handle any emergency treatments.

Any Scout having an accident or suspected illness should be brought, not sent, to the Health Lodge by an adult leader. All injuries, regardless of how slight, must be cared for at the Health Lodge. It is very important that all accidents and illnesses be reported to the Health Officer or Camp Director for insurance purposes.

All medications brought to camp by a Scout or Scouter must be checked in with the Health Officer upon arrival at camp. The Health Officer will assist in the distribution of medication to the camper. It is the camper's responsibility to remember to get their medication when they need it. Only certain medications will be permitted to stay with the camper.


The new Anual Health and Medical Record (form #34605) is now required of each Scout and every adult regardless of age. This form is only good for 12 months and must be filled out annually.

TWO (2) completed and signed forms are necessary for all Scouts and leaders. These must be presented during check-in at camp. The Health Officer will review each medical form with you during check your Troops scheduled time on Check-in day. The Camp Olmsted staff may be alerted to medical conditions.


Each registered Chief Cornplanter Camper and leader is covered by health and accident insurance.

This insurance does not cover medical bills incurred at camp due to an illness or injury that occured to a Scout before he arrived at camp.

When surgical treatment or hospital care is involved, benefits in the excess of the first $150.00 will be payable only for expenses which are not recoverable under any other insurance policy or service contract.

All Out-of-Council Units must provide proof of health and accident insurance. This proof of insurance should be mailed to the Betts Service Center two weeks prior to coming to camp.


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