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Chief Cornplanter Council

Chief Cornplanter

Chief Cornplanter

In 1910, members of the community of Warren, first explored Scouting activities. In 1913, the Boy Scouts of America gave a charter to an organization known as the Warren County Council. Then in 1954 the council's official name was changed to Chief Cornplanter Council to honor a famous Seneca-Iroquois Indian. In 2013, we are celebrating our 100th Anniversary as the longest-tenured, unmerged Boy Scout Council in America.

America's Oldest Council
Highest Journey to Excellence Council in America in 2011.

Celebrating 100 years of service to the youth of Warren County, and Ludlow - Mckean County


2014 Executive Board Officers
Council President Mike Barrett
Council Commissioner Dan Glotz
Scout Executive Kevin Bonner
VP Revenue Gary Lester
VP Finance Gary Landrio
VP Properties and Program Jim Cowan
VP Administration/Risk Management Randy Voty
VP District Operations Buster Godden
Council Treasurer Don Reed
Immediate Past President Sean Ellsworth*
Member Emeritus Jim Marshall

* - Past Council President

2014 Executive Board Members
Doug Angove Wes Augenstein
Mike BoydMike Brennan
John CroneCharles Cuneo
John EgglestonDr. Pat Farrell
Stephanie FreitagGeorge Lilja
Jeff Manelik Kathy Mohney
John SechriestSteve Sigmund
Dart SummersonGregg Trisket
Bill WilsonEric Zavinski

* - Past Council President

2014 Advisory Board Members
Chad Betts *David R. Carlson
Sean Ellsworth*Charles R. Frantz*
Denny Hedges*Paul N. Higby
Jim HoldingDonald T. Johnson
John Lasher*Edward J. Loutzenhiser
Skip Marsh*Dennis Mattison
Bob PatchenLes Sanford
Martin J. SedlakGuy J. Summerson
Bill Wagner*John Wagner
Frank C. Wilcox*David Winans, Jr.*
David G. Winans, Sr.*Bob Zimmerman*

* - Past Council President

If you are interested in knowing who our Past Council Leaders are...Click Here.



Resulting from many years of hard work on the part of several council presidents, Representative Jim Lynch, and Robert Dilks (Council Member at Large), the Chief Cornplanter Council's dream of replacing the weathered century-old Chief Cornplanter monument became a reality in 1998. Culminating with a formal ceremony in October at the Riverview-Corydon Cemetery, a new replica monument made of granite was dedicated. The ceremony was attended by Scouts and Scouters, council officers, Pennsylvania Legislators, and Descendants of Chief Cornplanter.

The efforts of everyone involved will be forever remembered as the fourth panel of the monument, blank on the original, has been inscribed:

"Good Deed"
Chief Cornplanter

Boy Scouts

Of America
Funded By

Of Pennsylvania
Replica Set 1998

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